Another Mother's Day done..

I would like to say a huge thank you to all our customers, wow! Did we do some orders, I know its hard to get it right when one is making so many orders in such a short period of time, with every mum expecting Flowers Sunday Morning but ,,,,, thanks to my fantastic team of ladies Michelle, Erica, Sam and Lou not to forget Jeff and his team of drivers we got all the flowers out my Sunday lunch time.. I am so proud of everybody. As everyone knows I am a little fussy to say the least, well our reputation is on the line... but its a huge weekend. The actual process starts weeks before when I have to calculate the stock I will require, flowers, foliage, packaging, cards to list but a few things to plan. Then the week off is crazy... My biggest concern is space... and not to damage all the stock.. as Lou said to Michelle.. "Imagine a butterfly is flying around each stem, thats how to treat your flower" we where all butterflies.... Thank you, what a weekend.

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