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Summer is coming...

As always I am a bit slow on the blog thing, it's an age thing I tell my kids, but if you do read this please let me know, I love your feedback. I guess thats why I am still here as we approach year 9, listening to you the customer is the most important thing you can do as small business owner. I am always keen to hear what you the customer thinks of our flowers, quality, value, speed of delivery and overall customer service.

Yes next year will be 9 years and it has flown by... we opened the week of Mother's Day 2015

and next Mother's Day will be our 9th. Crikey how many mums, grandmother's and great grandmother's can say they have had a bouquet from Adore.... quite a few.

Well Summer is coming and as an Englishman I love Summer, sadly its a little harder on the flowers, but kept in your aircon homes they still do fine. Summer also means wedding season and after a few years of covid it's nice to see families at weddings and weddings in full swing.

Well I promise to blog soon, in the meantime please let me know your feed back and dont forget to slip, slap, slop! Your florist Mark

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