May 29, 2020

Covid 19 crept up on the world and hit our Sunshine Coast Shores in March. I know many business's and friends that have had to close or stand down from work or in some extreme cases loose their jobs. Our thoughts are with all of those, but fingers crossed we are now coming out the other side. Like everyone we have had are down and ups... ups being Mother's Day , it was very busy due to all the restrictions. I do apologise if you tried to call us, we just did not have the flower stock to do all the orders. I hope those that we did where happy and now we can look forward to better times again and fulfil everyones orders again....

November 5, 2019

Been another busy time at Adore flowers.... Especially in the world of Sport....We recently supplied flowers for the Triathlon (picture below)  and today is Melbourne Cup supplying flowers to Roof Top bar Maroochydore and Cellar Door in the heart of Mooloolaba. Summer is coming which means Wedding Season and of course Christmas, dont forget to book your Christmas Table Arrangement early. As always thanks to all our customers for making us proud of what we do... and thats supplying the best bouquets on the coast.  Bring on the summer sun....

Thank you Mark

May 24, 2019

Another very busy Mother's Day has come and gone and we would like to thank all our customers for their loyalty , support and return business. It is always crazy few days, however this Mother's Day seemed to be spread over the Thursday Friday Saturday and the Sunday, which meant we where all in bed by 10pm Saturday night, unheard of. On a serious note BIG thank you to you all and we hope all your loved ones enjoyed their flowers.

Whats new, well I am always adding new Pots and Candles at the moment there seems to be a lot of interest, I am also keen to find out on what business is going to move in next door , I hope it is a little...

October 16, 2018

The new look is complete, fresh, tidy, Pink and Black is the new Orange haha

We are loving the space and the new stock. More of which is coming. I would love your feed back as always, it is hard to please everyone, but I am very happy with the new look. I am actually able to display more quality items and beautiful plants and flowers which is what Adore Flowers is all about.

I look forward to seeing you soon ...

September 30, 2018

Where does the time, the day, the week and even the month go. Winter has passed and Spring is well and truly here. So I thought it was time to Spring clean the shop. A fresh lick of paint, new shelves and new stock... even maybe a slightly different style. I intend to be fresh clean and modern but.. and a big but ... still be Adore. Adore standing for best value, best flowers, best quality and most of all best service. 

So Pop in over the next week or two and take a look at the the new style shop, I hope you like it. 

Meanwhile its business as usual , Weddings, parties, events, funerals and workshops... and before you know it Chris...

May 14, 2018

I would like to say a huge thank you to all our customers, wow! Did we do some orders, I know its hard to get it right when one is making so many orders in such a short period of time, with every mum expecting Flowers Sunday Morning but ,,,,, thanks to my fantastic team of ladies Michelle, Erica, Sam and Lou not to forget Jeff and his team of drivers we got all the flowers out my Sunday lunch time.. I am so proud of everybody. As everyone knows I am a little fussy to say the least, well our reputation is on the line... but its a huge weekend. The actual process starts weeks before when I have to calculate the stock I will require...

November 22, 2017

Where hasn't the time gone quick... Well thats a good sign ..right it beens we have been busy and yes we have.

So many things have happened, weddings, funerals events functions award ceremony and so much more...

I guess whats really pleasing is the repeat business form so many of our lovely customers, I thank you all. 

I love what I do and it makes me so happy knowing you all love it to...

Please visit many bars and cafes around Mooloolaba and see our little jars of flowers..

Thanks to...


Your Place


CK Bar

Good Bar

Black Lane

Gourmet Cafe

June 19, 2017

June is here alright its a bit colder at night but the flowers love it. I am asking our customers to vote for Adore Flowers in the Sunshine Coast Small Business Awards, if you have time it only takes 2mins.. Meanwhile keep warm and love your flowers..

March 14, 2017

Another busy spell has past, hence I have had such little time to blogg.... so if you see me nag me! Thank you to all our customers that chose Adore Flowers for their Valentine last month. WOW I was overwhelmed by the amount of people that came through the door. So big thank you.

This weekend was Mooloolaba Tri and again Adore provided the bouquets for the winners, Native Australian feel and they looked great, Congratulations to all that took part.

Well pop in and say Hi if you can, have a great day!!

December 29, 2016

I can't believe its Christmas already, it has come around so quick. It only seemed like yesterday and my first week, which was the week of Mothers Day back in April. Since then Adore Flowers is proud to have supplied flowers to many customers in the past 9 months or more many living on the coast, many from all parts of Australia and as far as Canada, USA & UK to mention a few. Adore Flowers has also supplied flowers to many businesses on the coast from Real Estate to Car Sales, we are always looking to work within the community where we can.  It has been a pleasure to provide flowers for many weddings and events this year as well...

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