Borders open at Christmas...

Wow ... Christmas is here already, my children will be so excited, I am lucky

my little ones live on the coast, but so many have not seen their families for

so long. Now the borders are open in time for Christmas and families will be

together, but at what cost. We are already seeing huge numbers of people

travelling here, but with them comes covid, so my feelings are mixed. I just

hope we do not enter lockdown and the vaccines work. If the last year was

anything to go by then the flower industry will bloom, however this just feels

different. So my Christmas wish is for some kind of back to normal feel for

2022, but what is the new norm.

Lets all hope 2022 see the end of a virus which has changed us al. I hope

normal is people being able to plan, a wedding, a party, an anniversary,

with stunning fresh flowers from us.

Thank you to all our customers, stay safe and have a wonderful and

healthy Christmas and New Year.

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