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Covid 19

Covid 19 crept up on the world and hit our Sunshine Coast Shores in March. I know many business's and friends that have had to close or stand down from work or in some extreme cases loose their jobs. Our thoughts are with all of those, but fingers crossed we are now coming out the other side. Like everyone we have had are down and ups... ups being Mother's Day , it was very busy due to all the restrictions. I do apologise if you tried to call us, we just did not have the flower stock to do all the orders. I hope those that we did where happy and now we can look forward to better times again and fulfil everyones orders again.

Keri Candles

So what else is new... along with starting to get fresh flowers in the store I have started to sell Keri Candles, great fragrance and value, please take a look at the online shop for more info. They do make the perfect add on gift.

Well let's hope we are all back on track again after Covid 19, it will be different and exciting times ahead. I look forward also to our Wedding Season starting to get busy again. My heart goes out to all those couples that had to move their Big Day...

Stay Safe everyone... Mark

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